Tara (天天) is the real life version of American dream come true

时尚芭莎 (Art&Fashion): “天天作为自食其力的85后移民,比很多美国人都更快地完成了一个个人生里程碑”

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At the age of 24, Tara established her own business AIE International Inc. (CA Registration# 46-3977614) in Los Angeles that gathers the best education resources in the U.S. to help international students realize their dreams. With the overwhelming support from clients and Tara’s constant innovation, AIE International Inc. has developed three successful business areas: Education Consulting, Internet Publishing and Book Publishing.


Tara is the leading entrepreneur in RUC’s younger generation, has been featured on RUC North America Alumni Association, and trusted by RUC alumni for over a decade. 



A successful entrepreneur and education expert featured on mainstream media in both China and the U.S.
As a successful entrepreneur and educator, Tara has been interviewed by leading media in both China and the U.S., such as New Fortune 新财富, Global Times环球时报, Guangming Daily 光明日报, Harper’s Bazaar 时尚芭莎.

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A Cross-Culture columnist with In-depth knowledge about American education and society

Tara is a long time writer for Washington D.C.- based upscale culture magazine – FromZine which is exclusively circulated among Chinese and U.S. embassy. She bridges eastern and western culture and society with her unique perspectives and rich experiences. Her writing covers society, pop culture, fashion, lifestyle.

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The Trustworthy Role Model of RUC Family Members – Miss RUC

Tara can not feel more grateful for what her college – Renmin University of China has given to her. An ordinary Northeastern girl from Harbin with big dreams and works towards it restlessly, and all of the amazing American dreams that have come true started from the magical place – Renmin University of China. Tara has helped tons of RUCers and students from other universities get admitted into Duke University, Columbia University, UC-Berkeley, Johns Hopkins Universities and many other prestigious universities in the U.S.

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A five-star reviewed published author

Tara, along with her team co-wrote Speaking Perfectly in American Universities, the first solution-based book specifically designed for international students in America.


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