USC的Communication Management是video interview, 也就是系统randomly 出题,申请者对着电脑讲话。每道题20秒的准备时间,两分钟的作答时间。 我们整理出一些出过的题目发现,USC的这个项目的面试更多地像一个English speaking test, rather than录取面试,学校出这类面试主要是为了考察英文表达能力和性格。所以在做答的时候建议以下几点:

1. Speak clearly, don’t speak too fast. Make sure each word is clearly and correct.
2. 因为题目真的很广很random很personal, 模拟的话也cover不到,重要的是在答案的时候展现出美国人比较喜爱的特质:passion, eager to try different things and explore new life, strong and optimistic.

下面是USC Communication Management 之前考过的问题~

Hometown. Where is it and what is it famous for. (据说是必考)

Who cares the most about your grades? Your parents or you? Why?

Are you proud of humanity and what we as humans have achieved so far?

What are you afraid of, are you going to be afraid of it forever?

What are you afraid of, are you going to be afraid of it forever?

Tell me about your hometown and what is it known for

Would you recommend someone to take same the major as yours and why?

Tell me about the last time you tried a new thingSomething that you

Something that you would like to share with your parents about your student life in university what will surprise them.

The most useful thing someone has ever told you about work



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